Elevate your voice. Articulate your greatness. Increase your sales. Empower your people.

Copywriting that nurtures, engages, and converts for women who coach women.

Want to share your message with the world in a way that compels your people to TAKE ACTION?!

Luckily, you can, if you are: 

A heart-centered and soulful coach for women looking to uplevel your business and your sales.

Hell-bent on empowering other women and making a massive impact in the world.

Destined to shine and on a mission to help your people do the same. You live community over competition like that. 

Flipping psyched to get back into your zone of genius. Hello coaching and course creation. Adios copywriting.

Totally digging the idea of a sounding board for your business and content strategy.

Wicked pumped thinking about all the good you will do and all the money you will make once you nail your digital sales funnel.

Ready to elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, increase your sales, and empower your people.

Now seriously, STOP what you’re doing right now and look no further if you are:

Burnt out trying to figure out a content strategy that makes sense for YOUR business.

Sacrificing too much of your precious coaching time writing your sales and launch copy.

Afraid to trust someone else with capturing your voice and your essence in your emails. 

Aggravated because no matter what you write or how much you edit, you feel icky and salesy.

Confused because your lead magnet gets TONS of downloads, but doesn’t produce enough sales.

Heartbroken because you see soo many women struggling, and you know you can help them, but they just won’t sign up.

Frustrated by your sales numbers, not because of the money (well, not entirely because of the money), but because it means you are not fulfilling your mission.

There is a better way for you to increase your sales and empower your people!!

Get that soulful copy magic right here!

Wicked awesome stuff that you will get:

A nurtured and engaged audience, eager to buy all of your things, because they hear your voice, see your greatness, and feel empowered.

I need this!!

Less stress because you’re able to do more of what you love (coaching!) and less of what you loathe (writing!), while still converting all the sales. 

I need this!!

A new biz bestie to chat with you on all things business and content strategy. Because this lady is more than a writer.

I need this!!

Soulful copy that gives you all the feels. You will walk away with work that you love. Period.

I need this!!

Done-for-you website, sales page, email sequence, and course launch copy that nurtures, engages, and converts.

I need this!!

Done-with-you co-creation sessions for the coach on a tight timeline, a more restrictive budget, who needs a la carte help, or who needs to add some magic to already existing copy.

I need this!!

Hi!! I’m Amy!! Badass business consultant, heart-centered copywriter, soulful word wizard, and content strategist.

Wife, mami, rockstar, empath, FemCity leader, night owl, INFJ, lover of all the cookies, wicked obnoxious Boston sports fan, Dragon Queen, and total Harry Potter nerd.

I am obsessed with my family, #womenempoweringwomen, personal development, coaching and online courses, and helping YOU sell more of those.

I love that you’re on a mission to empower other women. Let me empower YOU to do more of that!!

Want to know what makes me different from all the other fierce copywriters out there?!


I am on a mission to create a sisterhood of women who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine!! Community over competition, all day every day, because when one woman shines, we all do!!  


I bring this mission to life by helping coaches like you elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, and increase your sales so you can empower your people!! I do this by writing copy that nurtures, engages, and converts for women who coach women!! Helping your people get their hands on your life-altering courses lights my soul on fire.


I create persuasive, emotionally charged, compelling copy for the various phases of your sales funnel. Website copy,  sales pages, and email sequences are where I make soulful word magic happen!! Though, if you really want to make your life easier and have me write all the things, we can still chat because straight up, I LOVE serving coaches.

All the Feels

Before working with Amy, I needed help figuring out what I wanted to say and how to say it most effectively so I could reach the people I am meant to serve. I was hesitant to rely on someone else to convey my voice in a genuine and authentic way. 

After speaking to Amy, I was very comfortable putting this in her hands. For anyone considering working with Amy, go for it!! She is great at getting to the bottom line and does so in a genuine and thought provoking way!!

Cheryl Thacker  
Owner & Master Board Certified Coach

Successful Coaches Enterprise, LLC

I was hesitant before working with Amy because I was afraid to invest more money in my business without knowing that it would be worth it. After speaking with Amy, I could tell that she understood me and could relate to my ideal client, so it was an easy decision.

Working with her was so easy. There is absolutely nothing she could have done better, and now I have website copy that I absolutely LOVE. I am so happy with it and will definitely work with her the next time I need more copywriting.

Jamie Feit 

Jamie Feit Nutrition

Before working with Amy, I was hesitant because I worked with freelancers before and the end result was so underwhelming, I was very disappointed and it did not help me in my business at all. I spent too much money on the wrong people. 

I really connected with Amy’s easy going, professional but casual way, and I felt that she got me right away with what I wanted to accomplish. I am super happy with the end result. She truly expressed what I always felt but couldn’t express. Her process is flawless, and I am beyond excited about the copy!

Susann Orosco

Susann Orosco,
Master your Energy

Amy is great at what she does. She is patient and has such a great way with words. She made me want to buy my own product after reading her sales copy. Will hire again for sure.
Wow. This is my second contract with Amy. I’m so impressed with how she captures my voice. She is so detailed and knows the right questions to ask to create compelling copy for my audience. She has taken a HUGE load off of my back. Thank you! xo!

Christine Horn,
Life & Career Coach for Actors

Chocolate Superstar Productions

Amy was a pure delight to deal with and exceeded my expectations. She was fast, professional and a lot of fun to work with. The copy she wrote for us was spot on and we can not wait to use it. Thanks Amy, I look forward to working together soon. I would highly recommend you hire Amy if you are reading this.

Shawn Miller Founder/Owner

Young, Hip, and Married

Amy was a delight to work with. To start with, I was so blown away by her sales outreach that I immediately wanted to hire her. 

She goes above and beyond with her effort and is committed to ensuring that her output is exactly what you want. I would highly recommend Amy for any of your sales copywriting needs. Her energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to top-notch delivery is a rare find!

Laura Garnett  
Founder, Performance Strategist

Laura Garnett Consulting

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