Copywriting for coaches helps you:

Increase sales.

Empower all women.

Disrupt white patriarchy.

Work with Amy Matos | Sales Copywriter for Coaches

Do you want inclusive brand messaging and impactful sales copywriting that makes your people feel safe, seen, heard… and inspired to buy?!

Copywriting for coaches can help.

Inclusive brand messaging and impactful sales copywriting for coaches is for you if you are:

  • A heartcentered, soulful, and socially conscious coach for women who knows exactly what problem you solve and who you solve it for.

  • Hell-bent on empowering ALL women as you disrupt white patriarchy and create a massive social impact in the world.

  • An intersectional activist and advocate who purposely includes all women in your spaces, including nonbinary or gender oppressed people.

  • Flipping psyched to get back into your zone of genius. Hello inclusive coaching and course creation. Goodbye pretending to be a copywriter or content writer.

  • Aware of your privilege, unapologetic about mixing your progressive politics with business, and refusing to be silent in the face of injustice.

  • Passionate about having values-driven, socially responsible, and inclusive brand messaging so your people feel safe, seen, heard… and inspired to buy from you.

  • Committed to an ongoing inclusive business and marketing strategy, and not simply looking to check a box.

  • Aware that inclusive messaging, like language and gender, is fluid. You are totally OK removing potentially harmful words from your vocab and content — even if it means rebranding or renaming.

  • Wicked pumped about the good you’ll do and the money you’ll make when you’re able to convey the heart and soul of your message in a way that makes you proud AND does less harm. 

 Now STOP and look no further at copywriting for coaches if you are:

  • Outraged by the racial and gender inequity that you see everywhere, and adamant that your business will be a part of the solution.

  • Aware that some women face additional marginalization that you may not face, and determined to honor that in your messaging.

  • Eager to entrust your website copywriting to a person who will respect your voice and help you elevate it from the crowd of online coaches.

  • Passionate about articulating the greatness of your offer in a way that inspires people to buy, and is never icky, salesy, or manipulative.

  • Confident that with the right email sequence, you can easily convert readers into buyers… after all your opt-in already gets TONS of downloads.  

  • Looking to drive engagement and sales, and not simply collect meaningless likes and follows with in your social media content writing.

  • Frustrated by your sales numbers, not entirely because of the money, but because you’re falling short on your mission to empower women leaders.

  • Wholeheartedly convinced that your voice can make a difference, but you’re concerned about writing something that could harm another woman.

  • Committed to building a safe and inclusive audience, so more women easily see themselves in your brand, message, content, and programs. 

Wicked awesome stuff you get with copywriting for coaches:

A nurtured and engaged audience eager to buy because they hear your voice, understand the greatness of your offer, and feel empowered by your impactful sales copywriting.

Less stress because you’re able to do more of what you love (coaching your people!) and less of what you loathe (writing sales copy!).

A new biz bestie to talk to about all things socially conscious business and inclusive marketing strategy who cares as much about the impact you create as you do.

Compelling content and soulful brand storytelling that give you all the feels. You will walk away with work that you love. Period.

Serious financial and time freedom as you reclaim all that writing time and redirect it towards your wealth generating activities like taking care of your people, your family, or YOU.

Inclusive brand messaging that makes your people feel safe, seen, and heard… whether it’s for website copywriting, email copywriting, sales page copywriting, or social media content writing.

Inclusive messaging and sales copywriting for coaches

Heartcentered copywriter for coaches.

Hi!! I’m Amy! Bilingual HR and DEI Consultant turned Heartcentered Copywriter for socially conscious businesses, soulful word wizard, content strategist, writing coach, and intersectional feminist.

I partner with socially conscious and unapologetically progressive women who coach women, and create inclusive brand messaging and impactful sales copywriting that makes their people feel safe, seen, heard… and inspired to buy.

My pronouns are she/her, and I am a white, able-bodied, neurotypical, cisgender, hetero wife, and mami of two toddlers. I write for you on land that was stolen from the Wabanaki Confederacy.

I’m also a night owl, INFJ, lover of all the cookies, wicked obnoxious Boston sports fan, and total Harry Potter nerd.

I am obsessed with my family and I’m grateful that I have the privilege to build a business around our life.

I’m inspired when I see #womenempoweringwomen become more than a hashtag. I love that you’re on a mission to empower all women as you disrupt white patriarchy and create a massive social impact in the world.

Let me empower YOU to do more of that with copywriting for coaches.


I am on a mission to create a sisterhood of women leaders who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine. Community over competition, all day every day, because when one woman shines, we all do… and because none of us will shine until we all do. I am passionate about advancing racial and gender equity, and writing for coaches and socially conscious businesses who share those values and understand their intersection in achieving social justice.


I bring this mission to life by creating inclusive brand messaging and impactful sales copywriting for socially conscious coaches like you. The impact of our work will disrupt white patriarchy and advance social justice by empowering the women you serve to make more money, launch dream businesses, demand a seat at the table, reclaim their health, or live a joyful life where they confidently let their authentic self shine.


Copywriting for coaches uses a guiding promise to do less harm. The soulful storytelling we create honors the unique lived experiences of the most vulnerable women in your audience…. making them feel safe, seen, and heard in your brand messaging. The compelling website, social media, sales page, and email sequence copywriting we create will make an emotional connection based on mutual love, respect, and trust that inspires (and never manipulates) your people to buy.

Wicked awesome partnerships create wicked awesome results.

 Here are some business results that my clients experienced when we worked together, thanks to some soulful words to go with their inspiring (and validated) offers.













All the Feels

“Amy is great at what she does. She is patient and has such a great way with words. She made me want to buy my own product after reading her sales copy. Will hire again for sure.”

“Wow. This is my second contract with Amy. I’m so impressed with how she captures my voice. She is so detailed and knows the right questions to ask to create compelling copy for my audience. She has taken a HUGE load off of my back. Thank you! xo!”

Christine Horn
Life & Career Coach for Actors
Chocolate Superstar Productions

“Amy is a KILLER copywriter. I’m a copywriter, and outsourcing ANY of my writing gave me HIVES. I am reading the social media posts Amy’s written for me right now, and SHE IS KILLING IT. Do you know how judgmental and picky I am? VERY. VERY VERY JUDGMENTAL AND PICKY. And Amy is KILLING it. If you are a coach who works with women, you should definitely talk to Amy, because she is awesome and she will write you content that will CRUSH your goals and make you weep with joy.

Abbi Perets
Sales Copywriter and Business Coach
Successful Freelance Mom

“Before working with Amy, I needed help figuring out what I wanted to say and how to say it most effectively so I could reach the people I am meant to serve. I was hesitant to rely on someone else to convey my voice in a genuine and authentic way.

After speaking to Amy, I was very comfortable putting this in her hands. For anyone considering working with Amy, go for it!! She is great at getting to the bottom line and does so in a genuine and thought provoking way!!.”

Cheryl Thacker
Master Board Certified Coach
Successful Coaches Enterprise, LLC

“Amy is a total rockstar – not just with her writing but the strategy she brings to the table. With laser-sharp intuition, fast turnaround and an incredible knack for writing in an authentic voice for me and my brand, Amy was the badass partner I had been searching for! 5 stars, can’t wait to hire her again.”

Rachel Sheerin
Sales + Happiness Speaker and Trainer

“Before working with Amy, I was hesitant because I worked with freelancers before and the end result was so underwhelming, I was very disappointed and it did not help me in my business at all. I spent too much money on the wrong people.

I really connected with Amy’s easy going, professional but casual way, and I felt that she got me right away with what I wanted to accomplish. I am super happy with the end result. She truly expressed what I always felt but couldn’t express. Her process is flawless, and I am beyond excited about the copy!”

Susann Orosco
Medical Intuitive Practitioner
Intuition Coach for Women

“Working with Amy to redo my website copy has been a true blessing. Easily the best money I’ve spent on my business to date. Thank you, Amy, for being so amazing and supporting my cause!”

Heather Huhman
Infertility Coach,
Beat Infertility Podcast Host, Writer, Advocate

“Before starting with Amy, I was a nervous that it would be difficult to translate my ideas and mission into words that would speak to my clients. However, Amy was able to pick up on my voice, translate it into a powerful message and create writing that spoke directly to my clients and potential clients.

Not only do I finally feel like I am speaking to my clients, but I finally have messaging I can use for my website, social media and marketing platforms.

The best part of the process is seeing Amy transform my mess of words and thoughts into a message that speaks to my people.

I am beyond happy with the work I received and I 100% recommend working with Amy. She was one of the best investments I made in my business and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Gabrielle Kahn, MS, RD.

Nutrition Coach, Methodd Nutrition

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Want inclusive brand messaging and impactful sales copywriting that makes your people feel safe, seen, heard… and inspired to buy?!

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