Socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants is the new compelling

Socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants can help you change the world, one powerful word at a time. It’s content with the power to generate inspiration, income, and impact… for your clients, for yourself, and in the world.

This new paradigm in copywriting is used by purpose-driven coaches and consultants who believe that creating empowering, money-making, world-changing content doesn’t have to cost us our values, ethics, or integrity. And it’s for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are excited to say goodbye to manipulative, profits-at-all-costs messaging tactics and instead create content that makes genuine emotional connections, prioritizes consent, compels inspired action, and builds a more just and equitable world.

Socially conscious copywriting is changing the world as we know it… and if that’s not compelling, I don’t know what is!

You didn’t go into business to be a conscious copywriter.

You’re a heartcentered and impact-driven coach. A change agent. Antiracism educator. DEI or HR Consultant. Climate activist. Values-driven leader. Intersectional feminist. You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Whatever you call yourself, you are socially conscious at your core.

With your passion for social justice and your desire to leave a lasting impact on humanity, you created a business with your heartcentered values and mission to do good at the center of everything.

You speak up against injustice. Choose equitable business practices over harmful ones. You listen, learn, unpack, and do better as a way of life. People and planet first with you, then profits.

You are such an inspiration. You give people hope, and you give me chills. Beyond simply thinking and dreaming about the change you want in the world… you ARE the change. Your business creates the change.

This is what makes you magical. This is what makes you shine.

 Socially conscious coaches and consultants inspire people because you’re changing the world

That’s because, according to Sprout Social, 70% of people want leaders and businesses to take a position on social and political issues. And of these people, 67% believe businesses can help drive real change. So yes, socially conscious is most definitely the new compelling.

A black and white photo of a protest sign which says fight today for a better tomorrow

But let’s be clear, you’re not doing this because #womenempoweringwomen and #imantiracist are trending on IG.

You have no interest in performative woke washing, rainbow washing, pinkwashing, or greenwashing.

You’re a mission-driven entrepreneur.

You do this work… the work you feel called to do from the deepest corners of your heart and soul…  because this is your way of creating a more just and equitable world.

Your business helps you live your purpose, and that purpose is to create a positive social impact… leaving the world a better place than how you found it.

Your business is your activism, your part of the fight for a better tomorrow.

Like I said… chills. And gratitude… to you for doing what you do and to the universe (and hopefully some solid SEO) for bringing us together.

Now, it’s time for someone to fight (and write) for you as you take your inspiration, income, AND impact to the next level.

There’s just sooo much content to write…

And you’re sick of writing it. It’s not that you can’t or won’t… in fact, you’re a solid writer and no one knows your people better than you. It’s just that spending your time writing sales copy and nurture content is not the best use of your time. You’d rather be impacting lives. 

In your dream scenario, you will:

  • Write less and do more of what makes YOU shine by facilitating life-changing, business-elevating, impact-making, world-changing transformations for the people you serve

  • Establish a partnership with an ethical copywriter for coaches who honors YOUR voice and helps you elevate it from the crowd

  • Trust that your go-to content writer is *always* learning, unpacking, and writing better so your content makes you proud, makes you money, and makes an impact

  • Know that every word you publish has been written by a copywriter for consultants who always brings a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) lens to content creation

  • Consistently publish nurture content that makes you proud, makes you money, makes a difference, and sounds just like you

  • Share your passion, heart, and soul in sales copywriting that makes people feel safe, honored, accepted, and inspired to buy

  • Drive genuine engagement, consistent revenue, and beautiful much-needed social change in the world with YOUR powerful words… without having to write them yourself

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A copywriter for coaches and consultants who shares your values and honors your voice 

Hi, I’m Amy Matos, She/Her, MBA, SPHR

With my unearned power and privilege, and through my copywriting business, I hope to create a more equitable world.

I identify as a white, cisgender heterosexual woman. I also identify as a wife, mami of two human babies and two furbabies, intersectional trans-inclusive feminist, human rights activist, unapologetically progressive radical leftie, and chronic illness warrior.

Professionally, I’m a former HR and DEI Consultant turned socially conscious copywriter for coaches and consultants, and a heartcentered copywriting coach, and I’m here to help you change the world.

I write for purpose-driven coaches, consultants, and organizations who desire sales copywriting and nurture content that is compelling AND conscious, changing the world… one powerful word at a time.

I’ve had the honor of partnering with over 100 incredible clients to create custom website copywriting, blog writing, email copywriting, sales page copywriting, social media content writing, brand storytelling and messaging development, and also deliver copywriting coaching.

When I’m not writing, I’m an activist and organizer with an unprecedented movement to ban guns and fossil fuels, as well as a volunteer with a local intersectional climate justice organization. ⁣

Photo of Amy Matos who provides conscious copywriting for coaches. She is sitting on a white leather couch leaning forward, wearing a pink hoodie, jeans, and is smiling
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Copywriting for coaches and consultants: Inspiring, Impactful, Income Generating


Because this is a critical juncture, not only in the world but in your socially conscious business. You believe with your whole heart that your business has a huge role to play as we move into a new era of more equitable and more socially responsible business. And you know that right now,  you need to make some changes so your message, your voice, your words reach more people, make more money, and change the world. Right now, you need to keep serving, keep leading, keep inspiring… and stop writing. 


If you hire a copywriter for coaches who shares your socially conscious values to create compelling nurture content and sales copywriting for you… so YOU can focus on the impact you’re making. By partnering with a copywriter for consultants who always has justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in mind when writing for you. By ensuring that your sales copywriter is more concerned with honoring your voice and letting your powerful words shine than they are churning out content that sounds more like them than it does you.


Compelling and conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants puts people and planet first, then profits. It makes an emotional connection based on love, respect, and trust that inspires (and never manipulates) people to buy. Your content will consider the unique lived experiences and honor the intersecting identities of your audience…. helping them feel safe, honored, and accepted. Brand storytelling and inclusive messaging development, cultural sensitivity audits, website content writing, sales page copy, email sequence copywriting, and social media copywriting services available.

Socially Conscious Copywriting for coaches and consultants: People and planet first, Then profits

As a heartcentered and socially conscious copywriter, it’s important for me to state that numbers used in marketing can be misleading. I will never guarantee outcomes AND I am still very proud of these results. In each case below there is far more to the story than words and copy. If you’d like any additional context or specifics… just ask. Generally speaking, these results were all possible because my clients had proven offers, an established audience, and a powerful grasp on their voice, their values, their ideal client, and the problem they solve BEFORE we wrote a single word.













My clients give me All The Feels

“Working with Amy to create the copy for our program launch spoiled us. Our partnership was such a dream. Working with her was accessible, comfortable, and even joyful. Amy’s process is very integrative and collaborative, and she helped us pull out all of our ideas, develop our voice, and turn them into something really tangible. We now have portable assets that we’re so proud of because we know they have the right message, the right tone, and the right voice that really resonates with our ideal clients. With these assets, we were able to promote our webinar to our small email list of < 75 people and get over 200 to sign up! Thank you, Amy, for helping us bring the program that we believe in so much to life!”

Michelle Awuku-Tatum & Linda Mayfield

Executive Coaches
PACT Leadership Circles through MyFactor Coaching & Consulting

One day scrolling on Facebook, I came across a post from Amy and immediately felt a connection.

I wasn’t even looking for a copywriter but something about her drew me in. I looked at her website and decided to book a call. The more we talked and the more I saw how aligned our values were, the more I realized I needed to work with her.

And even though I thought she was amazing, based on past experience, I still assumed that it was going to be a lot of work on my part to explain what I wanted written and to edit what she writes to put it into my voice.

I was totally wrong!

Amy makes it so easy by asking amazing questions and paying attention to how I speak and write. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to “get” my voice.

I get complimented all the time on how great my content is and I always share it’s because of my incredible copywriter, Amy!

She gives me back so much time in my day by taking content creation off of my plate. Having Amy as my copywriter gives me more time to do what I love!

Larisa Harrington
Burnout Prevention & Recovery Strategist and Holistic Wellbeing Coach
Strong By Nature Wellness

Amy is one of my favorite people to work with.  She is a valuable member of my inner circle and she’s there any time I need her. Her knowledge and expertise on writing beautiful and impactful copy can not be questioned.  She works differently with each of her clients and can fit in with any team.  Above all, she’s just a nice person.

Sourena Vasseghi
Author, Speaker, Coach
The Sourena V. Group

“Amy is great at what she does. She is patient and has such a great way with words. She made me want to buy my own product after reading her sales copy. Will hire again for sure.”

“Wow. This is my second contract with Amy. I’m so impressed with how she captures my voice. She is so detailed and knows the right questions to ask to create compelling copy for my audience. She has taken a HUGE load off of my back. Thank you! xo!”

Christine Horn
Life & Career Coach for Actors
Chocolate Superstar Productions

“Before working with Amy, I needed help figuring out what I wanted to say and how to say it most effectively so I could reach the people I am meant to serve. I was hesitant to rely on someone else to convey my voice in a genuine and authentic way.

After speaking to Amy, I was very comfortable putting this in her hands. For anyone considering working with Amy, go for it!! She is great at getting to the bottom line and does so in a genuine and thought provoking way!!.”

Cheryl Thacker
Master Board Certified Coach
Successful Coaches Enterprise, LLC

“Amy is a total rockstar – not just with her writing but the strategy she brings to the table. With laser-sharp intuition, fast turnaround and an incredible knack for writing in an authentic voice for me and my brand, Amy was the badass partner I had been searching for! 5 stars, can’t wait to hire her again.”

Rachel Sheerin
Sales + Happiness Speaker and Trainer

“Working with Amy to redo my website copy has been a true blessing. Easily the best money I’ve spent on my business to date. Thank you, Amy, for being so amazing and supporting my cause!”

Heather Huhman
Infertility Coach,
Beat Infertility Podcast Host, Writer, Advocate

“I was hesitant before working with Amy because I was afraid to invest more money in my business without knowing that it would be worth it. After speaking with Amy, I could tell that she understood me and could relate to my ideal client, so it was an easy decision. 

Working with her was so easy. There is absolutely nothing she could have done better, and now I have website copy that I absolutely LOVE. I am so happy with it and will definitely work with her the next time I need more copywriting.

Jamie Feit, MS, RD.

Jamie Feit Nutrition

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Compelling and conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants who change the world… one powerful word at a time.

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