A black and white a black woman sitting on a white man's shoulders. She is holding a protest sign that says, "creating empowering, money-making, world-changing content doesn't have to cost us our values, ethics, or integrity." They are surrounded by other people who are obscured from view. Fists are raised throughout the photo.

Inclusive copywriting, ethical copywriting, sustainable copywriting, or socially conscious copywriting. However you label it, if you are a purpose-driven coach, a social justice consultant, or some other type of socially conscious business, this online marketing “trend” is one that you’ll want to have on your radar since you’re in the business of changing the world. 

Regardless of how you define this inclusive marketing concept, the need and desire to be intentional and conscientious about your language and word choices are changing how we create content to advertise, market, and sell our coaching and consulting services.  

But what is socially conscious copywriting and is it the same thing as the concept of copywriting that converts that all the coaches and consultants are chasing? Let’s answer those questions and also give you 6 ways to improve your purpose-driven coaching or consulting business with socially conscious copywriting.

What is socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants? 

Socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants is a specific style of marketing and advertising used by purpose and impact-driven coaches and consultants who are on a mission to change the world. It is a new paradigm in copywriting used by mission-driven entrepreneurs who believe that creating empowering, money-making, world-changing content doesn’t have to cost us our values, ethics, or integrity. 

And it’s for values-driven business owners who are excited to say goodbye to manipulative, profits-at-all-costs messaging tactics and instead create content that makes genuine emotional connections, prioritizes consent, compels inspired action, and builds a more just and equitable world.

Socially conscious copywriting creates marketing copy that effectively promotes your coaching programs and consulting services and is ethical, empathetic, inclusive, and intentional when considering its impact on readers and society. 

So why is this type of copy trending?

According to Sprout Social, 70% of people want businesses to take a position on social and political issues. Of these people, 67% believe businesses can help influence real change. 

Socially conscious copywriting recognizes this and attempts to drive change with intentional language and word choices, knowing that the words used in marketing shape beliefs, influence behavior, and impact the world we share. 

Socially conscious copywriting is important because it embraces the fact that our words have power that extends beyond our social media feeds and email inboxes —  

Whether written or spoken, it honors the fact that words can uphold or disrupt systems of oppression. They can be used as a weapon to cause harm or as a force for good, used to create a more just and equitable world.  

And whether you realize it or not, as a mission-driven entrepreneur who is changing lives through your coaching or consulting services, your vision for your people, your hope for the world, your voice, and your words have power. 

When written with the intention to be both compelling and conscious, your words can help you generate inspiration, income, and impact… for your clients, yourself, and the world. One powerful word at a time, socially conscious copywriting can help you make money and do less harm. And as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, it feels good knowing we’re putting those kinds of words out there. 

A black and white photo of a black woman holding a protest sign and smiling that says "your voice is your power". Two other black women are looking at her, smiling. There are other protest signs in the photo but they are not visible.

6 ways to improve your purpose-driven coaching business with socially conscious copywriting

Beyond just feeling good knowing the words you’re putting out into the world are doing less harm, there are countless ways that socially conscious copywriting can enhance your business as an impact-driven coach or consultant. Today, let’s focus on 6 of them: 

  • Build Trust. People are concerned about the honesty and integrity of online marketing. They’re more likely to trust and engage with businesses that demonstrate ethical behavior and a genuine concern for societal issues. This is exponentially more important in the coaching and consulting industry because the work is often so intimate. We’re changing lives. By openly communicating your values and social commitments with conscious copywriting, you establish a relationship with your audience that is trusting, authentic, and transparent.
  • Differentiate and Shine. In a competitive online world where your people are bombarded with marketing messages, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out… especially when you refuse to sell with sleaze. With socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants, you can create a unique, recognizable, and compelling brand voice that resonates with your ideal clients. By showcasing your brand values and purpose, you attract people who share your values, strengthening your brand identity and helping you stand out.
  • Connect Emotionally with Your People. Socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants connects with people on a deeper level by addressing their values and concerns in a way that honors their intersecting identity and unique lived experiences. When your messaging resonates with your people’s core beliefs, it evokes a powerful emotional response and strengthens their connection to you. This emotional connection can lead to more positive word-of-mouth, improved brand reputation, increased loyalty, and greater sales opportunity because, as they found at Harvard, “When a company connects with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge.

And if these 3 reasons weren’t enough, conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants can also help you…

  • Reach More People. Whether you’re trying to attract potential customers or employees as you scale and grow your business, socially conscious copywriting will help you reach more people. Job-seekers and consumers want to work for and buy from brands that align with their social, political, and environmental values. By showcasing your values and your commitment to social issues with compelling and conscious copywriting, you can connect with more people who want to do business with mission-driven entrepreneurs like you who are making a positive impact in the world. 
  • Adapt to Your People’s Evolving Expectations. Every day, more and more research is coming out that proves that socially conscious copywriting IS the new compelling. Consumers are shifting towards brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. While reading your social media posts, your people are shown reels of our planet on fire and racial violence. After reading your emails, they’re reading the latest news about more of our rights being stripped away. By embracing socially conscious copywriting, you can meet the evolving expectations of today’s global consumer and remain relevant in the eyes of your people.
  • Change the World. While all of the above sounds great, let’s be clear, you’re not here because #womenempoweringwomen and #imantiracist are trending on IG. You are not interested in performative woke-washing, rainbow, pink, or greenwashing. You’re a mission-driven entrepreneur. You became a coach or consultant because this is your way of creating a more just and equitable world. Your business helps you create a positive social impact, leaving the world a better place than how you found it. Your business is your activism, your part of the fight for a better tomorrow, and socially conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants will help you do just that.

What about copywriting that converts? 

So if you’re reading this and thinking, “This whole compelling and conscious copywriting thing sounds magical, but what about copywriting that converts? Is this the same thing?” you’re not alone. After all, everyone is always chasing that elusive copy that converts, even purpose-driven coaches and consultants. 

And it makes sense. We spend so much time, energy, and effort creating content we want some ROI for that labor. 

Although realistically, there are no universally accepted definitions for any of these terms, in a traditional sense, “copywriting that converts” uses persuasion tactics to hook your reader’s attention, engage them through storytelling, and lead them to take a desired action. It involves crafting messages that resonate with your people, addressing their needs, desires, and pain points, and presenting a clear and compelling call to action.

While this all sounds lovely in theory, in practice, “copy that converts” is often full of harmful, manipulative, profits-at-all-costs advertising tactics, such as: 

  • Deceptive, misleading, or exaggerated claims about program outcomes 
  • Overstated qualifications, experience, or credentials 
  • Manipulation and exploitation of emotions, fears, or insecurities
  • False urgency and fake FOMO
  • Aggressive information overload
  • Lack of transparency about products, services, or pricing
  • Cultural insensitivity and cultural appropriation
  • Disregard for the environmental impact of promoting excessive consumption or unsustainable products, services, or practices

And while these marketing tactics are so common that nearly all of us have used them at one point or another, myself included, this doesn’t mean they’re the only way to inspire action with your copywriting. 

A black and white photo of 5 women holding a protest sign that says: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

The ultimate goal: compelling AND conscious copywriting 

If we identify as a purpose-driven coach or consultant who wants to “do better” in our marketing and advertising AND we still want to make money, compelling and conscious copywriting has to be the ultimate goal. 

This new paradigm in copywriting is used by socially conscious leaders who recognize that creating empowering, money-making, world-changing content doesn’t have to cost us our values, ethics, or integrity. 


Because this style of copywriting STILL uses the powerful tools of storytelling to address people’s emotional needs, goals, and desires, it just does so in a way that puts the people first, then the profits. It makes an emotional connection based on love, respect, and trust that inspires (and never manipulates) people to buy.

Compelling and conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants considers and prioritizes the unique lived experiences and honors the intersecting identities of your audience, helping them feel safe, honored, and accepted. Instead of tapping into false fomo, fear, or shame, conscious copy relies on authenticity, emotional connection, relevance, empathy, inclusivity, purpose, and social responsibility… and that is precisely what makes it so compelling.  

It engages people on a deeper level, fosters trust, and aligns with their values, dreams, and deepest desires. By appealing to your people’s hearts and minds, socially conscious copywriting has the power to drive action, make money, and create a lasting impact.

If you want to rid the coaching industry of harmful, manipulative, profits-at-all-costs messaging so we can replace it with content that makes genuine emotional connections, prioritizes consent, compels inspired action, and creates a more just and equitable world…  you’re in the right place.

I’m a purpose-driven coach or consultant and I want conscious copywriting for my business. What’s next?