A rockstar entrepreneur who lost her way.

Once upon a time, there was a rockstar entrepreneur who lost her way. 

She had that whole purpose driven, warrior princess, save the world type of vibe about her.  

Her purpose… to empower other women, helping them elevate their voice so that they could shine.

She knew that there was nothing more important than building a tribe that was fierce, confident, educated, and kind, capable of rocking all aspects of their life, career, and business. She knew from a young age that she was meant to stand out and to help other women do the same; because after all, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

She also knew the secret to a life of meaning that was oft forgotten in the competitive, “perfect”, artificial, overly connected society that she lived in. She knew the secret was to lead with the heart.

Now, this rockstar had been through her fair share of challenges. Yet somehow through it all, she found her voice. Through it all, she found her purpose. In the face of challenge, she found her greatness, and it was time for her to share that greatness with the world and help other women do the same.

She started a coaching business because #womenempoweringwomen was everything to her. She hired a designer to create a fancy logo and website, set up all her systems, created an Ahhhmazing freebie, put her warrior princess brand out into the universe, and scored some clients!!

She was making a difference, and all was right in the world.

But then…things changed. 

Her email list started shrinking. She cried when she got that first unsubscribe notice. Her people stopped opening the newsletter. She was spending so much of her time writing and not enough time coaching, and her people weren’t even reading.

Worst of all, her sales page and email sequences weren’t converting. Women weren’t signing up for coaching programs at the rate she needed. It hurt her wallet.

But more than that, it hurt her heart. She was tired of seeing other women experience her same struggles. She HAD to help them. Couldn’t they see that?!

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. Luckily, this entrepreneur found herself a heart-centered copywriter and content strategist who helped her rewrite her success story so that she could impact more lives! 

Thank goodness!!

Hi! I’m Amy!!

I am a heart-centered copywriter and content strategies, on a mission to help you elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, and increase your sales so you can empower more women!! I do this by writing copy that nurtures, engages, and converts for women who coach women!!

Copywriting that nurtures, engages, and converts

You will keep your spark with more time and energy to do what you love! I mean, you are a coach and not a writer after all, am I right?

You will feel empowered as you dazzle, convert and empower more clients. Rocking out your zone as of genius as you fulfill your mission will make you feel that way!

You will build a business that shines as you enjoy some serious ROI from automated sales and marketing processes.

Now, for a bit about me. I am a:

Rockstar wife, mami, crazy cat lady and night owl. (YES! And get this, there’s more!).

Self-development junkie and student of life, on a neverending quest for improvement.

Introspective empath who craves and builds deep connections.

Obsessed with #womenempoweringwomen and helping YOU sell more of your programs. 

Bilingual business and content strategist.

Complete and total Harry Potter nerd. Always.


To create a sisterhood of women who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine by being able to do what they love!!


To help you elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, and increase your sales so you can empower more women. I do this by writing copy that nurtures, engages, and converts for women who coach women!!


Family; Freedom; Time; Courage; Vulnerability; Empathy; Boldness; Development; Purpose; Happiness; Integrity.

Now… if this doesn’t have you salsa dancing…

 Than you should know that I am also a rockstar entrepreneur who leads with the heart and has passion and a vision; which means that I can totally relate to you.

Now you should know that my path to becoming a writer does not look like everyone else’s. And here’s a little secret, that’s what makes me a rockstar.

I’m not your typical English major. And this is nothing against the English majors of the world. As a matter of fact, I was a Spanish major… that is before I was an MBA.

You see my friend… writing copy is not about being the most creative writer out there. It’s not about entertainment. Sure, there’s creativity involved, and in a way, writing copy is its own art form. We also hope that we don’t snooze people to death with our copy.

But really, when you break it down, writing compelling copy is about selling more. Let me say that again, the purpose of copy is to drive sales.

I know, I know, we’re both heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs. 100%. But you can’t achieve your mission and you don’t win creativity points if you can’t sell.

Period.End. Of. Story.

And to sell more, it’s not about who has the fanciest writing. It’s about aligning your brand and your voice with your business strategy to create a unique selling proposition that only YOU bring to the table.

It’s about capturing the essence of your greatness in a way that resonates with your buyer and makes them realize they can’t live without you and what you’re selling.

This is not the stuff they teach in English 101. I know business, sales, marketing, and content strategy like you know how to create a course and bring the best out of others.


That’s fabulous, Amy.
But how do you plan to help me?