Why Coaches Are Amazing!

Why Coaches Are Amazing!

Copy that nurtures, engages, & converts for women who coach women

Can we give a major league shoutout to all the rockstar coaches out there?!

When first starting my business, I let a few mindset blocks turn into MAJOR excuse making about why I wasn’t taking action to drive my business forward.

In walked a coach, who introduced the perfect blend of inspiration, accountability, tough love and nurturing that I needed to break down those walls and charge forward.

Some of the best advice she gave me was:

  • You can and will figure it out, even if that means figuring it out as you go, as long as you really have the grit and determination to do so!
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • If you’re struggling to stay motivated, first get rooted in your why. After that, make sure you have absolute clarity about what you’re doing.

The clarity piece was a game changer for me. And it is so ridiculously obvious that it’s almost embarrassing to write.

After starting my business, I quickly found a couple of clients.

I should have been thrilled to have clients so early on, but I felt the total opposite actually. I was resentful. I kept thinking it must be because my clients were kind of tricky to work with. But really, it was because I wasn’t doing what I loved.

The problem wasn’t my clients, the problem was me.

Thankfully, my coach asked the right questions and helped me discover the clarity I didn’t realize I was missing.

I decided to slide off some of my service portfolio to really niche down to do what I love most and feel I’m best at.

I’m not going to lie though, I was afraid of how that would look… I mean I had just started, and I was already shifting gears?!

But as my coach said, businesses EVOLVE, and you won’t know what you love until you start doing some of the work.

Not to mention, I had to give myself some tough love and just kind of get over myself. Because honestly, I didn’t even have a reputation yet anyways so was anyone going to even notice?!

Clarity and humble pie in hand… I got to business and started TAKING ACTION.

  • I parted ways amicably with my clients on good terms as they didn’t have a need for a writer. It was nice to know we could end in a good space and that I had the FREEDOM and power to walk away from something that was bringing me down.
  • I stopped paying attention to the 500 FB groups I signed up for and focused on the ones I truly enjoyed and was learning from.
  • I stopped overthinking every post and just came at it from a place of trying to learn, better myself and add value to others.
  • I started telling people in real life what I was doing.

And just like that, momentum started building. More conversations, more friends, more fun, more growth, more referrals, more clients.

I even pitched my dream client, whose answer was not right now but it was a huge mindset win for me anyway.

So ladies … if you’re struggling as you’re trying to grow your business… know that really anyone can make it happen if you believe and take action to actually to make it happen!

  • HIRE A COACH. There are sooo many women out there empowering other women through their fabulous coaching businesses. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and in your business.
  • Check your own ego.
  • Be kind to yourself and know that you’re worth it and deserve it.
  • Trust yourself and know you will figure it out.
  • Most importantly, take action and let the universe know all the great things you’re doing because you totally got this!!

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