CASE STUDIES: Email Marketing Campaigns

CASE STUDIES: Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaign 1:

A client had a list of 32 disengaged subscribers that had enrolled but not taken action to book kickoff meeting in a coaching program. Per the Terms & Conditions of the program, a refund may be due for dissatisfaction; therefore, engagement to initiate the program was critical.

I wrote an email campaign for the client that was sent to the subscriber list containing a call to action to book kickoff meeting.

The campaign had a 20% conversion rate resulting in confirmed meetings by the end of week 1, and a 35% conversation rate by the end of week 2.


Campaign 2:

A client implemented an email nurture sequence to drive new subscribers to an online group coaching program. Sequence open rates ranged from 54.4% – 79.9%, with click rates as high as 63.5%.

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