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From mediocre and manipulative to compelling and conscious

Get weekly hot-seat style nurture content strategy and copywriting coaching from an ethical copywriter and heartcentered copywriting coach who shares your socially conscious values and honors YOUR powerful voice.

Black and white photo of a woman holding a protest sign that says: I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.

You started your coaching business because you want to create change in the world.

You believe with your whole heart that your business has a huge role to play as we move into a new era of more socially responsible business…

But to do that, you need to figure out how to share your powerful message in a way that inspires people to take action. You want copywriting and nurture content that is both compelling AND conscious.

After all, you believe that socially conscious copywriting IS the new compelling copywriting. You have NO interest in writing copy that converts if it’s sleazy or manipulative.

After all, you are in the business of impacting lives. And you care very deeply about building a more just and equitable world… and you genuinely hope your content honors the humanity of your audience.

If this sounds like you, you’ll probably love copywriting coaching in the Compelling Copy Clinic.

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Now, Imagine if you could:

  • Hone your copywriting skills so you can publish — with confidence and pride — knowing that your message, your story, your powerful words make a difference

  • Regularly produce content that allows you to shine AND makes your people feel safe, honored, and accepted

  • Learn to articulate what problem you solve and who you solve it for in a way that’s inclusive, impactful, and inspiring

  • Build a sense of rhythm, strategy, productivity, and accountability around your content creation process

  • Hire a Socially Conscious Copywriter for Coaches to help you with allll things messaging, content, content strategy, and copywriting without the pricey monthly retainer

  • Receive weekly feedback on your content from a heartcentered copyeditor and copywriting coach who shares your socially conscious values and will always honor YOUR voice

How Copywriting Coaching in the Compelling Copy Clinic works:

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You join a small group quarterly membership of no more than 5 people looking to improve their DIY copywriting skills 

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You submit one piece of copy or one content question that’s giving you a headache per week for live feedback

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I host a weekly call and record my feedback and answer your question, whether you show up live or not

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You take that feedback and complete your editing and wordsmithing  

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You publish with confidence… knowing that you’re putting compelling AND conscious content in front of your people every week

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You create more inspiration, income, AND impact… one week at a time

Heartcentered copywriting coach

Hi!! I’m Amy Matos, She/Her.

I’m a former HR and DEI Consultant turned ethical copywriter for coaches and heartcentered copywriting coach. 

But we’re not here to talk about me.

We’re here because YOU need compelling messaging and conscious copywriting so you can generate more inspiration, income, and impact through your content.

The Compelling Copy Clinic is for you if you don’t want to outsource your actual content and copywriting, but need a fix to take your messaging from mediocre and manipulative to compelling and conscious.

Right there. On the spot…

Without having to hire a copywriter for coaches on an expensive monthly retainer.

(Your membership in the Compelling Copy Clinic is $697 per quarter.)

No more putting off your content writing for tomorrow.

Your powerful words are going to change the world… so let’s make sure they’re compelling.

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Wicked awesome extras you get for no added cost:

How to Create a Wicked Awesome Conent Strategy Training.

Value $97

7 Tips to Improve your Copywriting Training.

Value $197.

How to Write a Wicked Awesome Sales Page Training.

Value $97

How to Ask for and Get Great Testimonials to Boost your Copy Training.

Value $27

1 Bonus Copy or Content Review per quarter.

Value $47

A quarterly 30-minute content strategy call.

Value $97.

All the Feels

Thanks again for your feedback! I’ve already learned a bunch and I’m pretty proud of what I was able to do in less than an hour with your updates. I feel so much better about the landing page for this lead magnet!

Wow. I gained so much clarity from this call and now know how to update my copy so it speaks directly to my ideal client.

This has given me a spark of motivation about my offerings now that I feel more clear about what I’m trying to create for others!

For the first time since 2018, I have the confidence to start running paid ads to my sales page!

I have mixed opinions on where to invest in help for my business. This has been everything I hoped for. I’m now much more intentional about how I create content, and the weekly calls keep me accountable to getting it done.
Hi Amy! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help these past few months!!!

I’ve had two big wins these past couple of weeks and I’ve barely been doing any marketing. I’ve just been really diligent about doing the little that I am doing… and about taking in your excellent feedback!

Just wanted to share the good news and say a big big thank you to you.

I posted what you suggested I write, and that particular post is getting so many more reactions on LinkedIn than what I usually post about my biz. I’m so thrilled and excited to see how much better my writing can get through your help in the copy clinic!

That’s so funny because I didn’t like that part either. I so appreciate you knowing what I’m trying to say. You’re in my head. I’m blown away by how good you are at what you do!!

In case you were wondering…

Are there payment plans or other membership options besides quarterly?2022-10-10T13:02:45+00:00

Right now, membership in the Compelling Copy Clinic is quarterly for a $697 investment. That said, I’m open to considering other arrangements if you have different financial needs and would like to consider a shorter membership term. Please email me at and let’s discuss it.

How much does the Compelling Copy Clinic cost?2022-10-10T12:59:16+00:00

Your quarterly membership in the Compelling Copy Clinic is $697.

How do I actually sign up?2022-05-24T01:12:27+00:00

Click here or any of the CTA buttons on the page to apply to work with me in any capacity, including for the Compelling Copy Clinic. Leading a values-driven business and creating a safe space for my clients is very important to me, hence why this program is not one that anyone on the internet can just sign up for. After I receive your form, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss next steps. Assuming we’re aligned values wise and assuming you don’t have any questions, that will look like me sending you membership terms & conditions and the quarterly invoice, and then you can get started. If you have questions after submitting but before officially signing up, we’ll hop on the phone to discuss!

What if I don’t have any content to review in a given week?2022-05-24T01:24:06+00:00

No worries! You can either submit a general content strategy, messaging, launch strategy, or other writing how to question which I’ll address on the group call. OR you can just show up to listen and learn. OR you can skip a week. Your choice.

What should I know about the group norms and social expectations?2022-07-21T22:31:14+00:00

This group is a confidential, antiracist, antisexist, antiableist, and inclusive space. Hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate cancellation of your membership without refund. Further, because inclusion and social justice are priorities of mine, and because this is about creating compelling AND conscious copy, I will address these issues as they relate to your content. Both in terms of the actual language and messaging you’re using in your content, and also when news and current events call for it. I’m not here to tell anyone what to say or not say; there’s no magical right or wrong list for creating inclusive and conscious copywriting. But I will invite you to consider other perspectives so you can make aligned decisions and ensure your content aligns with the values you’re trying to convey. If you are not on board with this, please don’t sign up. Lastly, and since we’re working on your copywriting in a small group setting… if you are not a person of integrity who can look at other people’s compelling work without trying to copy it… don’t sign up.

Do you offer refunds?2022-05-24T01:26:05+00:00

No, all sales are final. However you can cancel your membership anytime to stop future payments by emailing

Do I get any 1:1 time with my membership?2022-05-24T01:26:55+00:00

Yes!! You get a free 30-minute 1:1 coaching call with me per quarter where we can review more content, cowork, hone your brand message, brainstorm a content strategy plan… you name it. It’s your time.

Will you actually write my copy for me?2022-05-24T01:27:40+00:00

Nope. At least, not as part of this clinic. This is me telling you how to fix stuff that you already wrote. Or answering general copy, messaging, and content strategy questions. If you want me to write the stuff, fill out this form.

What if I need more copy reviewed?2022-05-24T01:28:26+00:00

I got your back friend. All memberships come with 1 Extra Video Review of any piece of copy or content writing per quarter… which is in addition to the weekly live calls. You’ll send me your piece to review, and I’ll record my thoughts on Zoom and email them to you.

What if I can’t make it to the live call?2022-05-24T01:29:07+00:00

No worries. Ironically, many people don’t show up live… though I always LOVE when you do. If you have a conflict, you can just submit your link, doc, or question 24 hours in advance, and I’ll still review it on the live call. All calls are streamed live in a private Facebook group for everyone to see.

How long are the calls?2022-05-24T01:29:46+00:00

Generally, they’ll last 60-90 minutes each week. I will review ONE thing from each person who shows up, or submits their link in advance per call.

Ready to take your copywriting from mediocre and manipulative to compelling AND conscious… on the spot?!?! After all, socially conscious is the new compelling.

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