Compelling and conscious HR content marketing to help your salespeople close

So prospects know you mean it when you say people are their most valuable asset

As an impact driven business, your employees are basically superheroes.

Each and every single one might as well be wearing a cape over their suit as they show up to work each day. That’s because, in socially conscious businesses like yours, each employee plays a massive role in bringing your mission to life.

Especially if their job is to sell your mission to potential customers. 

Yes, we’re talking about your sales force. Your purpose-driven road warriors who are out there day in and day out setting your organization apart from the competition.

After all, you aren’t *just* an HR marketer, HR service provider, or HR SAAS company. And you certainly aren’t *just* a PEO.

You bring far more than your HR tech, products, or services to the market.

You bring industry leading insights and innovation to the field of human capital management because valuing your people is embedded into your culture.

And you bring creativity and inspiration as more companies look to follow your lead and step into a more socially responsible, inclusive, and equitable way of doing business… because that’s the way you’ve always done business.

Your business is changing the world and the field of HR for the better…

A black and white photo of a protest sign which says fight today for a better tomorrow

And your salespeople are guiding the way forward.

Sure, they’re motivated by the money… they are salespeople, after all. But they live and breathe your mission, and they thrive on the thrill of making money in a way that does good.

That’s where they truly shine.. helping each prospect and each C-Suite realize they can no longer get away with simply saying, “our people are our greatest asset”.

Your salespeople know that statements like that are meaningless today unless they’re accompanied by meaningful action to back it up.

Which is makes them the perfect ambassadors for the good work your company does in the world.

Your salespeople help other organizations walk the walk by coaching them to make meaningful and strategic investments that actually show to their people, instead of just telling them, just how highly valued they are.

That’s what each close means. That’s what your salespeople are selling. That’s what your human capital management solutions give your clients, a tangible commitment to people first, then profits.

Now let’s make sure you have the HR content marketing to showcase that.

Few things are worse for a salesperson trying to close…

Then having a CEO they’ve worked MONTHS to get in front of on the hook, asking for a thought piece on why human capital management matters, or what is the value of a PEO solution, or how innovative HR SAAS investments will help employees feel more engaged and satisfied in their role… and having ZERO in-house content to point them to.

Cue your new & improved HR content marketing portfolio complete with:

  • SEO-optimized HR blog posts written by an HR technical writer, who can articulate the power of your solutions in way that’s easy for your prospects to understand

  • Persuasive social proof in the form of an HR case study (or studies) or written testimonials that will make your HCM solutions and your salespeople shine

  • Insightful and captivating social media content to help position you as the powerful human resources thought leader you are

  • HR copywriting that makes your organization proud and makes your salespeople money thanks to an inclusive HR writer who prioritizes the impact of your mission

  • Robust and high ROI HR content marketing and repurposing that is both compelling AND conscious, making your prospects feel inspired to partner with you

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If you’re excited now, wait until you meet an HR copywriter and HR content marketing specialist who has sat in on the meetings your salespeople are trying to close…

Hi, I’m Amy Matos, She/Her, MBA, SPHR

(And in my earlier days, SHRM-CP, HCS, FPC, and CHRS)

I’m a former HR and DEI Consultant turned inclusive HR writer for organizations that choose to be a values-based, socially conscious, and impact-driven business.

Before starting my own freelance copywriting business, I regularly helped close ASO & PEO sales meetings as the HR liaison who was called in when my sales colleagues had nothing but their word and content from the competition to point prospects to.

In addition to closing, as an HR Business Partner and Client Relationship Executive responsible for $9M in annual controllable revenue and 90%+ client retention, I also got pretty good and reselling the value prop of HCM solutions to frustrated and skeptical clients.

Since starting my own business, I’ve had the honor of supporting over 100 incredible clients through custom copywriting services including website copywriting, email copywriting, sales page copywriting, social media content writing, brand storytelling and messaging development, and copywriting coaching. It would be an honor to support you.

Photo of Amy Matos who provides conscious copywriting for coaches. She is sitting on a white leather couch leaning forward, wearing a pink hoodie, jeans, and is smiling
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I want Compelling and conscious HR content marketing to help my salespeople close. What next?


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Fill our your Getting Started Form with as much detail as possible. FYI in case you want to know, all of my pricing and packages are customized to meet your needs, and in general, as you add more content the pricing per piece is lower. But to give you a sense for budgeting purposes:

  • 1,000 word SEO-Optimized HR Blogs start at $797.
  • An HR Case Study starts at $1,497.
  • Monthly social media content writing packages generally start at $1,897 but will vary based on content volume.
  • HR content sensitivity and inclusivity audits available and priced on request based on scope
  • HR sales copywriting available and priced on request based on scope


I will be in touch with you via email within 2 business days to schedule a no-obligation consultation call to discuss your needs and ensure we’re aligned to do incredible work.

Assuming we are, we will talk to ensure we’re aligned in terms of project scope, budgeting, onboarding processes, project timelines, communication boundaries, partnership expectations, etc…

And then we’ll go from there.

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Do you want compelling AND conscious HR Content Marketing to help your salespeople close?

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