Hi!! I’m Amy!! Heartcentered copywriter for coaches and online writing coach.

As a copywriter for coaches, I help socially conscious coaches for womxn make their people feel safe, seen, heard, and inspired to buy with inclusive messaging and impactful sales copywriting.

Or in other words… I write things that help you grow your coaching business and I’m super motivated to help you make money AND do good in the world.

Whether you need a sales page copywriter, email copywriter, social media copywriter or website copywriter, I can help!

And get this… there’s more!

I’m also a bilingual copywriter and business consultant, a soulful word wizard, content strategist, writing coach, and intersectional feminist.

My pronouns are she/her, and I am an able-bodied, cis-gender, hetero wife and mami of two. I’m a FemCity leader, night owl, INFJ, lover of all the cookies, wicked obnoxious Boston sports fan, and total Harry Potter nerd.

I am obsessed with my family and I’m grateful that I have the privilege to build a business around our life.

I’m inspired when I see #womenempoweringwomen become more than a hashtag. I love that you’re on a mission to empower womxn leaders and create a massive social impact in the world.

Let me empower YOU to do more of that.

Copywriter for Coaches and Inclusive Messaging
Amy Matos - Copywriter for Coaches of Womxn | Gleam People Strategies


I am on a mission to create a sisterhood of womxn leaders who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine. Community over competition, all day every day, because when one womxn shines, we all do… and because none of us will shine until we all do. I am passionate about advancing racial and gender equity, and writing for coaches and socially conscious businesses who share those values and understand their intersection in achieving social justice.


As a copywriter for coaches, I envision an impactful circle where I shine doing what I love (writing), you shine doing what you love (coaching), and your people shine doing what they love. As we collectively align our power and our genius, we will create a massive social impact in the world. And we’ll do it in a way that makes all womxn feel safe, seen, heard, included, and inspired.


Family; Liberation; Equity; Antiracism; Antisexism; Inclusion; Social Justice; Accountability; Time (as in I’ll never waste yours); Courage; Vulnerability; Empathy; Growth; Purpose; Integrity; Collaboration.

Now if that doesn’t have you salsa dancing…

It’s ok. We dance mostly bachata in this house anyway.

But seriously… you should know that I lead with heart and have a whole lot of passion for what I do; kind of like you. As socially conscious businesses, we know that womxn working together are a force to be reckoned with.

Because when the womxn you serve make more money, launch dream businesses, demand their seat at the table, reclaim their health, or live a joyful life where they confidently let their authentic self shine….

We disrupt the patriarchy and dismantle white supremacy.

Now… you know that you can’t achieve this important mission and you don’t win creativity points if you can’t sell your message… which might be what brought you here today. 

And you understand that you probably won’t hit your income and social impact goals if you keep doing allll the things (ahem, writing) that you can and probably should outsource to an expert copywriter for coaches.


Right now, you’re leaving money and impact on the table.


So let’s fix that. Let’s figure out how to align YOUR brand and YOUR voice with YOUR values to create a unique selling proposition that only YOU bring to the table.

Let’s capture and elevate the essence of YOUR greatness in inclusive messaging and impactful sales copywriting that resonate with your people and makes them realize they can’t live without you.

Unlike some content writing freelancers who only care about putting words on a page, I care about getting you results. There’s too much at stake. 

The more successful you are, the more successful all womxn are.

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Social Impact Statement.

A #metoo situation started a 10+ year career in HR consulting, after I became convinced I would stop all that nonsense once “on the inside.” But the fact is… a lot of companies out there exploit and discriminate… (yes, even the ones that say they promote diversity and inclusion)… with well-intentioned HR professionals screaming powerlessly from the sidelines.

My family and my marriage are my inspiration... and also a daily reminder of my white privilege.

I cannot claim to be a socially conscious business that stands for empowering womxn if I don’t actively and vocally do what I can to address the needs of ALL womxn… especially Black womxn, other womxn of color, womxn who identify as LGBTQ+, and all who are vulnerable.

When one womxn shines, we all do. None of us shine until we all do.

With my platform and privilege, I promise to:

  • Openly and continuously name oppression and white supremacy, and imperfectly use my business as a vehicle for inclusion, equity, antiracism, and antisexism work.

  • Do everything I can to create and hold a safe space for Black womxn, Indigenous and Non-Black womxn of color, LGBTQ+ womxn, or womxn who identify with any marginalized social identity.

  • Proactively unlearn, relearn, and do the work. Allow for open conflict and dialogue, sit with discomfort, regularly check my privileges and hidden biases, and work with partners and clients who share antiracist and antisexist values to be more socially responsible in business.

  • Seek out opportunities to invest in partners, providers, coaches, or courses created by womxn, especially Black womxn, Indigenous or Non-Black womxn of color, and LGBTQ+ womxn.

  • Review event leadership and panel members prior to agreeing to any speaking engagement.

  • Donate 5% of profits to Girls Write Now, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) organization that mentors underserved young womxn and gender non-conforming youth to find their voices through the power of writing and community.

Other wicked awesome stuff about your fave copywriter for coaches.

Family First

Don’t be surprised if you see a toddler, or a cat, pop a cameo in one of our calls. If this bothers you, I’m not your girl.

What’s with GLEAM?

Our family initials. And my strategy is to help all womxn shine. You and by extension your people. So there you go.

Aquí se habla Español.

Lived in Mexico and Spain. Hubs from DR. Kids are learning. We met salsa dancing, but we’re really bachateros.

HP nerd and not ashamed.

I’ve read the entire series more times than I can count and I’m terrified that my kids might not love it the way I do.

I cry a lot.

And often when writing your copy. No joke. I feel all the feelings, intensely. It’s one of the reasons I became a copywriter for coaches in the first place.

Get comfy.

I’m not one of those glamorous chicks. I rock Red Sox hoodies and Pats snow hats on calls. You’ve been warned.

Coffee is gross.

I’ll take a polar seltzer and a Subway double chocolate chip cookie for our virtual “coffee” date.

Little known secret

I once had my foot run over by $20 million dollars. I didn’t get to keep one cent.

That’s fabulous, Ame. But what can you actually write for me?

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