Socially conscious copywriter for coaches + heartcentered copywriting coach


Every step in my life inspired the discovery of my purpose… starting a socially conscious business and becoming a heartcentered sales copywriter for coaches who are making the world a better place. 

If I think back, I’ve always been a writer, a connector, a student, and an activist. 

I learned Spanish because it helped me understand and connect with more people… and ok, sure, it also made it easier to convince my parents to let me live abroad in Mexico and Spain.

I got more excited than a college kid probably should with each creative writing assignment.

I won a civics debate in school by arguing that, yes, people did have the right to burn the flag during the Vietnam protests. And I took courses in pacifism while interning in Washington, DC, for an international humanitarian NGO.

My entire life, I always knew in my heart that I was going to change the world… but truthfully, I never really knew what I actually wanted to do for a living.

A photo of Amy Matos, socially conscious business owner and conscious copywriter for coaches. She is seated with her legs crossed and hands on her knee in a mauve velvet high back chair, wearing a gold sparkly blouse and white blazer.

Compelling AND conscious copywriting led to inspired action (finally)

A black and white photo of a a protest sign which has a quote symbolic of a socially conscious business. It says: I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.

After college, a #metoo situation started a 10+ year career in HR, DEI, and small business consulting after I became convinced I would stop all that nonsense once “on the inside.”

My 30s brought love, marriage, motherhood, an MBA, and an HR consulting career that left me burnt out and disillusioned.

What now more seasoned me saw, was that even “good” companies exploit power and discriminate… (sometimes without meaning to, and yes, even if they “value diversity”)… and I could no longer be a part of it.

One night, a well written Facebook ad helped me realize that I had the power to have it all… by writing words that make a difference and inspire change.

Six months after getting a huge leadership promotion at a Fortune 500, I left corporate to go all-in on my freelance copywriting business.

Running a socially conscious business is my way to make an impact. Being a copywriter for socially conscious coaches is my calling, my purpose, my part in the fight for a better tomorrow.

And in addition to being a source of great passion and fulfillment, my work is also my security… thanks to a chronic illness that makes 9-5 work impossible. So thank you for being here and for supporting me and my family. 

Coaches changed my life. Now together, let’s change your people’s lives and the world we share.

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As a human, I am on a mission to do my part to smash white supremacist cisgender heteronormative ableist patriarchy. As a socially conscious business and heartcentered copywriter for coaches, I want to rid the coaching industry of harmful, manipulative, profits-at-all-costs messaging so we can replace it with content that makes genuine emotional connections, prioritizes consent, compels inspired action, and creates a more just and equitable world.  Our words have power. They can be used to uphold systems of oppression or disrupt them. I hope my work does the latter.


As a socially conscious copywriter for coaches, I very much identify as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. I want to create a world where we prioritize people first, then profits, lots of profits. With you, I imagine a powerful circle where I shine doing what I love (writing), you shine doing what you love (coaching), and your people shine doing what they love and being who they are. My deepest hope is that as we align our power and our genius, we’ll create a massive social impact in the world. And that we’ll do it in a way that makes people feel safe, honored, accepted… and inspired to join us.


White feminism and white silence are violence; our bodies and abilities don’t define our worth; racism must be condemned unequivocally and unconditionally; Black Lives Matter; antisemitism is real and evil; gender is fluid; Trans women are women; love is love; nobody is illegal on stolen land; binary thinking is dangerous; access to healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege; abortion IS healthcare; we need to make it easier to vote, not harder; the Earth is sacred and we must protect it; if you want to ban something, ban the guns.  

Socially Conscious Business Impact Statement

My family are my inspiration... and my interracial, bilingual, and multicultural marriage is a daily reminder of my unearned power and privilege. That is why I created a socially conscious business grounded in my antiracist, anti ableist, unapologetically progressive, and intersectional trans-inclusive feminist values. With my platform, power, and privileges, and grounded in my core personal values of justice, joy, integrity, family, faith, and rest, I promise to:

  • Do everything I can to create a safe space for all people who are systematically marginalized and excluded by white supremacist cisgender heteronormative ableist patriarchy

  • Openly and continuously name white supremacy, including my role in perpetuating it, and imperfectly use my business as a vehicle for decolonization, inclusion, justice, equity, antiracism, antisexism, and antiableism work

  • Proactively unlearn, relearn, and do the work. Allow for open conflict and dialogue, sit with discomfort, regularly check my privileges and hidden biases, and work with partners and clients who share antiracist, antisexist, and antiableist values

  • Regularly educate, evaluate, and update my language, and support my clients in doing the same, under the premise that together, we can create powerful, inclusive, consent-driven content

  • Seek out opportunities to invest in partners, providers, coaches, or courses created by those who are systematically marginalized and excluded by white supremacy

  • Review event leadership, panel members, guest history, and values commitments to ensure alignment before agreeing to any speaking or publicity engagement that may benefit my business or brand

  • Donate time and when possible, money to various social justice causes and/or non-profit organizations working to advance racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQIA+ rights, disability rights, or climate advocacy

  • Stay engaged politically, at the local, state, and federal levels to advocate for antiracist, antisexist, antiableist, pro-choice policy advancement

Personal stuff about your fave socially conscious copywriter for coaches

Faith + Family First

Jesus is my favorite activist and He and my family are big reasons why I do what I do. Also, heads up, don’t be surprised if a toddler or a cat pops a cameo in one of our calls. If this bothers you, I’m not your person.

What’s with GLEAM?

Our family initials. And as a mission-driven entrepreneur, I want to help people shine. You and, by extension, the people you serve. 

Business is political

With me, everything is political, especially socially conscious business. I post often about politics and am unapologetic about my beliefs. I hope you love my passion, even if you don’t always agree with me.

Business is for besties

I have a habit of becoming extremely close with my clients. Because I know what your work means to the world… I care deeply about your success and tend to get very involved in your world.

Aquí se habla Español

I lived in Mexico and Spain for a while and am very proud that I speak Spanish fluently. Hubs is from DR and we met salsa dancing, but we’re really bachateros.  We’re trying to teach Spanish to the kiddos… it’s harder than I’d like to admit.

Intersectional Feminism

I reject white, TERF, and any other form of feminism that does not consider how patriarchy targets people differently based on their intersecting identities for systematic exclusion and oppression.

Love HP, not JK

I’ve read Harry Potter countless times and I’m terrified that my kids might not love it the way I do. That said, I’m more terrified by JK’s comments on trans women and her blatant fatphobia.

Get comfy

I reject the garbage that says how people dress indicates how professional and talented we are. I rock Red Sox hoodies and Pats snow hats on calls. You’ve been warned.

I cry a lot

And often when writing your copy. No joke. I feel all the feelings, intensely. It’s how I’m able to make an emotional connection with your people based on mutual love, respect, and trust that inspires (and never manipulates) them to buy.

I also swear a lot

Despite my best efforts in front of the toddlers… it’s just one of those things that happens. If I say Oh Shit instead of Oh, Sugarplums on a work call and that bothers you… though candidly I might say both… we’re not a fit.

Lyme Warrior

Ticks are nasty little f*ckers and one of them completely upended my life in 2021. Navigating chronic illness while running a business can be a challenge. I’m very open about my health needs so you can understand how they impact our work together.

Rest as resistance

When I say people first, then profits… that goes for me too. As someone who battles chronic illness and who has done significant inner work to divest from the toxic capitalist belief that my value & worth are tied to my productivity… I choose me, my health, my family, and my rest before business. ALWAYS. 

That’s inspiring, Ame. But how can you support me as I work to change the world?

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