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Amy Matos is a bilingual business consultant, content strategist, and conversion copywriter who is on a mission to create a sisterhood of women who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine. She lives by the mantra community over competition, because when one woman shines, we all do… and because none of us will shine until we all do.

Amy had her second baby, went back to work, got a huge promotion at a Fortune 500 company, and then quit her leadership job six months later to live her dream life as an entrepreneur: writing inclusive and impactful copy for unapologetically progressive and socially conscious women who coach women.

Amy holds an MBA, SPHR, SHRM-CP, and HCS, and is fluent in Spanish. She spent over a decade in corporate HR, DEI, and small business consulting, until she realized that entrepreneurship enabled her to be a fiercer advocate for racial and gender equity and justice.

She is a passionate and vocal supporter of all women and nonbinary folx who experience oppression under white supremacist cisgender heteronormative patriarchy… and her business and life’s work is aimed at dismantling those harmful systems.

Amy started and grew a thriving FemCity Collective in her city and has served on the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Advisory Board in her state.

She is available to comment on topics related to:

  • Inclusive content and business strategy
  • Inclusive brand messaging
  • Values-based content marketing and copywriting
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Motherhood and maternal mental health
  • Leadership, careers, HR, and other DEI topics.

She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, two toddlers, and two cats.

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