Together, we empower your people. Together, we shine.

Your mission is my mission.

Let’s empower YOU and help your business shine as you elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, increase your sales, and empower your people.

There’s no need for you to be spending so much of your precious coaching time writing copy.

Stop giving yourself a headache over subject lines, CTAs, and split-testing.


Quit stressing about your strategy and messaging for your upcoming course or membership launch.

No more wasting time wordsmithing your website, sales page, or email sequence. 

Enough sacrificing your mission and your sales because you can’t write stuff in a way that gets your people to take action.

Instead, let’s help women shine!!
It’s going to be beautiful!!

You will keep your spark with more time and energy to do what you love! Your people need you to be a wicked awesome coach, not a copywriter. You stay in your zone of genius, while I’ll be over here rocking mine, and together we will elevate women.

You will feel empowered as you empower more of your people. Dazzling your clients with copy that nurtures, enages, and converts will make you feel proud, strong, and inspired while you fulfill your mission.

You will build a business that shines as you enjoy some serious ROI from a content strategy that elevates your voice, articulates your greatness, and increases your sales.

Wicked awesome stuff that you will get:

A nurtured and engaged audience, eager to buy all of your things, because they hear your voice, see your greatness, and feel empowered.

Less stress because you’re able to do more of what you love (coaching!) and less of what you loathe (writing!), while still converting all the sales.

A new biz bestie to chat with you on all things business and content strategy. Because this lady is more than a writer.

Soulful copy that gives you all the feels. You will walk away with work that you love. Period.

Done-for-you website, sales page, email sequence, and course launch copy that nurtures, engages, and converts.

Done-with-you co-creation sessions for the coach on a tight timeline, a more restrictive budget, who needs a la carte help, or who needs to add some magic to already existing copy.

Are we a soulful match made in heaven?!

Here’s how you’ll know if you’re ready for copy magic.

You’re cool geeking out about your biz.

You love talking shop with another rockstar business owner. We are going to talk about all the things business and content strategy.

It is uber important to understand how our work helps you slay your business goals.

It’s easy for you to talk about your goals, your vision, your needs, your dream client, your brand, your unique value proposition, and most importantly the RESULTS you provide.

You want to work with a copywriter who is going to help you elevate your business, not just mindlessly write some stuff that sounds like you (which it totally sounds just like you btw). 

You understand what is at stake.

You recognize that you either outright hate writing, or you love it but you’re spending too much time on it, at the expense of your people.

You’re comfortable investing in a partner that will honor your voice, empower you, and help you shine, so you can do the same for your people.

You realize that working with a legit copywriter is an investment.

You know this investment is worth it because YOUR service, the way YOU help women, the results YOU deliver is flipping valuable AF, and right now, your people are not hearing your message. 

You’re ready to become biz besties.

You know that two women together are capable of some serious magic.

You love the idea of working with a super engaged sister who has your back, and will communicate with you openly and honestly, even if it means telling you something you don’t want to hear.

You’re totally cool with chatting often and you think it’s awesome when I stalk your social media to cheer you on.

You will lovingly accept the reality that you don’t want to ever exist in business without me, because you’ll see that what I give you goes so far beyond copywriting that it’s actually kinda wild. 

How this works.

When you are ready to elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, increase your sales, and empower your people:


Let’s make sure we’re on the same heart-centered, warrior princess wavelength via a FREE 30 minute video call strategy session.

Be prepared to talk about your vision for the project and how it fits into your overall business strategy.


Receive a customized proposal fit for a rockstar, including pricing and timelines.

Investment for most one-time projects ranges from $1,600 – $1,800; course launches and recurring projects will vary based on scope.

Live co-creation sessions are $575 for three hours, or $850 for five hours.


We handle some paperwork, but don’t worry, it’s easy peasy.

You will provide your electronic Jane Hancock on a service contract and pay your invoice 24-hours before our kickoff call to reserve my calendar.


You will complete an 12-question new client questionnaire about your wicked awesome brand, your dream clients, and the results you provide to them. We use this to inform our 90-minute kickoff call.


After our kickoff call, I write the copy and provide the work to you based on the timelines agreed upon, usually 10-14 calendar days after the kickoff call.


You provide me with feedback and revision requests. I fundamentally do not believe in limiting our creative process by capping revisions. You will walk away with work that you love. Period.

So Rockstar, are you ready to elevate your voice, articulate your greatness, increase your sales, and empower your people?!

Yaasss!! Schedule your FREE 30-minute warrior princess strategy call!!