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Why An Automated Welcome Email Sequence Helps Grow Your Business!

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Getting Paid for Doing What You Love

Doing what you love, and getting paid to do it. What a remarkable thing. Let’s take a journey back in time. It was a rainy Saturday morning. Hubby, M, and the little guy, G were off at baby gym. The house was quiet, apart from the echo of the raindrops on the skylights. I just…
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Vulnerability in a Heart-Centered Business

So I teased this blog post the other day. This post is about vulnerability, and specifically vulnerability as a core part of my new heart-centered business. I was trying to find a picture that represented vulnerability. The one I chose is one of me and my big man, G, and it was the first picture…
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Not Taken Seriously As A Woman

Today I was told by another woman that my business advice (that I was being paid to give mind you) would not be taken seriously because I’m a woman. Ugh. Allow me to explain. We interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly blog cycle because I can’t go to sleep without getting this post off my chest.…
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