How To Launch a Business the Wrong Way

How To Launch a Business the Wrong Way

Well, here we are folks, the night after I “launched” my online business. When I say launch, I mean like literally, I announced my business on FaceBook 24 hours ago. Yay, go me, right?! Not so fast. I just did the EXACT opposite of what I was supposed to do! 


I spent weeks trying to make every aspect of my website perfect. Now there I was, proud and sharing both with my tiny corner of the world.

World, meet Amy, Copywriter Extraordinaire. CREator of dazzling copy that converts. Your secret weapon. It has a ring to it, right?!

After scheduling my week’s worth of social posts in Hootsuite, I give myself a high-five on the way to bed. Like every night, I settle into my guided meditation. Honestly, it wasn’t my best practice ever as my mind was racing with the excitement; I had to restart four times. Once I finally focused, I completed the 15-minute session and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up this morning super jazzed! My page received 31 likes! I have friends and family sharing love and encouragement, some of them even unexpectedly sharing my page (THANK YOU!)!

I AM a rockstar!

10:35 a.m. Hootsuite sends out my first official super snazzy Facebook post about how to #optimizeyourtime by outsourcing undesirable tasks that take you out of your zone of genius. I share it on my personal page too with a shout out to one of my favorite timesaving apps (no I’m not an affiliate, I just love it that much!).

I glide throughout my day at work, come home, cook dinner, and now both kiddos and hubby are asleep, and it’s not even 10 p.m.

Settling into my spot on the couch, I take another look at my business FaceBook page and watch for the umpteenth time one of my favorite Ted Talks by Simon Sinek, which is pinned to the top. One line keeps playing over and over in my head; people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I want any potential clients of mine to adopt this mantra as well because I believe this wholeheartedly.  Why else would I pin the video, right?!

As I scroll down, I sheepishly realize OH MY GOODNESS; I did THE exact OPPOSITE of what Simon says. The exact opposite of what I would tell a client to do. I didn’t start with why, I started with what, and I can’t believe that I did that.

Sure, the picture of the clock is cool looking and consistent with my “bright & bold” branding. Sure, optimizing time is a core value of mine.

But the post is 100% about what I’m going to do. Not even a hint of why.

Ouch, is it true that you can’t delete anything from the Internet?

So here I am, 24 hours post-launch, kicking myself in the pants.

I realize that while it would look silly to delete my very first post, even though it was all about the what, it’s not too late to also share why. And while it’s kind of embarrassing, it’s OK to admit that on my “first day” in business I made a bit of a mistake. It’s a good thing the universe led me to that Ted Talk on vulnerability today.

Hey, we live, and we learn. And apparently, we also make last-minute decisions to start a blog after the family goes to bed.

So on that note… why.

I founded GLEAM People Strategies while I was on maternity leave with my second child, a beautiful baby girl. As I mentioned in my launch post, I’ve always dreamt of entrepreneurship. Not that the drive wasn’t there when my son was born, there was just something different that reignited this fire in me after she came storming into the world a week ahead of schedule.

Late one night while up nursing and mindlessly scrolling, I saw a sponsored ad by a super cute blonde mama. She was advertising a free webinar to learn about how to become a Free Mama by starting a freelancing business.

When I watched, I felt like she was talking DIRECTLY TO ME, like she had somehow been watching me on my entrepreneurial journey this entire time. (I know you have superpowers Mama Lauren, but dang you’re good, watching me in NH from your home in TX before we even met!).

The thing that resonated most was when she said that we, as mamas, we have the power to choose what freedom looks like to us. We don’t have to follow one path. We can be rockstar wives, moms, career women, and entrepreneurs if that is our dream. Her entire philosophy is based on the premise that we CAN have our cake and eat it too. I’m pretty sure she used other words, but that was the gist.

As someone who LOVES cake, I was pumped!

I signed up for her program to learn about freelancing and it was the best thing I ever did, second only to hitting on my husband that first night we went dancing.

As a young girl, I knew that I was meant to stand out. Not in an arrogant sort of way, I just knew that I was made to do something special. You know how sometimes, you just know? My parents didn’t call me Awesome Amy for nothing!

I also know that I have a mission to help other entrepreneurs stand out. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will achieve this tremendous goal through my business.

When I had my daughter, and when I learned about becoming a Freelancing Free Mama, I had a feeling that the universe was trying to tell me something.

When I rearranged our family names to spell the world GLEAM, which means to shine brightly, I knew that this was it. Something deep within my soul knew this was it. My connection to why.

So, to close out this crazy long first blog post (I promise to write shorter posts from here on out, but this one was important)…

I want all entrepreneurs, especially you rockstar boss babes to know that you don’t have to sacrifice your fire, your passion and every spare minute of your time to grow your business.

There are ways to keep your spark alive by better optimizing your time and outsourcing tasks that take you out of your zone of genius.

More importantly, I want my daughter to know that she too is meant to stand out. She too is destined for greatness. And she too can be a mama who has her cake and savors every bite of it!

Thank you for allowing me to bare my soul, for forgiving my overzealous first FaceBook post and for following along on my entrepreneurial journey.


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