Conscious copywriting for coaches and consultants that shares your values and honors your voice

Consistently publishing compelling copy and nurture content that generates inspiration, income, and impact…

Is likely a huge source of stress for you and takes up a TON of your time… being a socially conscious copywriter isn’t exactly a goal of yours after all…

But you need to get your words out there if you’re going to change the world.

Maybe you’ve hired a copywriter for coaches and consultants before. Maybe not. Either way, you must be considering it now because you’ve read this far… but you’re still hesitating.

That’s totally valid. You aren’t some random, newly certified, online coach. You are a purpose-driven coach and a leader in your industry. 

Building safe and equitable spaces is a top priority of yours. As is creating inclusive copywriting so more of your people identify with your brand messaging, nurture content, and sales copywriting.

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You don’t want to hire a freelance copywriter who has no clue what socially conscious copywriting is all about.

Even if they somehow could get your voice right, you simply can’t run the risk of allowing a regurgitation of the manipulative tactics that most copywriters use to find their way in front of your audience in your sales copy or nurture content.

You’ve worked too hard to establish trust with your people to allow that… but that doesn’t mean you have to keep writing everything yourself for the rest of your business life.

You need a copywriter for coaches and consultants who shares your socially conscious values and honors your powerful voice… 

So there will be no need to spend so much of your precious coaching time writing allll the things. After all, you have people to help and a world to change.

Socially Conscious is the new compelling

If you’re serious about changing the world, socially conscious copywriting can help. With it, you’ll be able to generate more inspiration, income, AND impact, and you’ll also be able to:

  • Write less and do more of what makes you shine as you get out there and change the world

  • Establish a partnership with an ethical copywriter who always honors YOUR voice

  • Trust that your go-to socially conscious copywriter is *always* learning, unpacking, doing better

  • Know that every word you publish brings a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) lens

  • Consistently publish content that makes you proud, makes you money, makes a difference, and sounds just like you

  • Share your passion, heart, and soul in sales copywriting that makes people feel safe, honored, accepted, and inspired to buy

  • Drive genuine engagement, consistent revenue, and beautiful much-needed social change with YOUR powerful words… without having to write them yourself

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How does socially conscious copywriting work?

The 3 pillars to creating sales copy and nurture content that are both compelling AND conscious:


Your people are looking for you.

There are other coaches or consultants they could hire… but something about YOU inspires them.

Guiding people through life-changing personal and business transformations is deeply personal and intimate work.

That’s why you need sales copy and nurture content that continues to build upon the know, like, trust factor that your people have with you. 

The first pillar of my approach spends considerable time exploring all the magic that makes you YOU.

Your values and credibility. Your words and language preferences. The unique approach that makes your offers magical.

The people you’re meant to serve want more from YOU… and it’s my job as a heartcentered and socially conscious copywriter to honor YOUR powerful voice and make YOU shine.

Your people

You are in this for the impact. So your people, and their success, is the key to your success.

People and planet first, then profits, hopefully lots of profits.

And while your people are looking for you, they also need to know that they are safe, honored, and accepted… by you. 

With intentionally inclusive copywriting, our strategy is NOT to speak to everyone on the internet.

The next pillar to my GLEAM compelling and conscious copywriting approach is to shine a light on YOUR people.

Your people’s challenges, needs, and deepest desires. Their emotions (so we can honor and not manipulate them). Their unique lived experiences and how that influences their decision-making and sense of agency.

YOUR people deserve powerful words to inspire their heart, mind, soul… let’s give them that.

The transformation

You offer so much more than coaching or consulting services. You guide people through life-changing, business-elevating, impact-making, world-changing transformations.

Your work empowers the people you serve to make more money, build equitable businesses, demand a seat at the table, reject hustle culture and reclaim their health, live a joyful life where they let their authentic self shine…

That’s why the final pillar of my approach is grounded in discovering and articulating the greatness of the transformation you offer…

Using words that sound just like you as they resonate deeply with your people.

When your people connect with YOU, when they know you honor and respect THEM, when they understand the invaluable transformation that YOU guide them through…

They follow, they engage, they take inspired action, they buy when they’re ready… and YOU create the impact you’re here to make.

Socially Conscious Copywriting for coaches and consultants: People and planet first, then profits

As a heartcentered and socially conscious copywriter, it’s important for me to state that numbers used in marketing can be misleading. I will never guarantee outcomes AND I am still very proud of these results. In each case below there is far more to the story than words and copy. If you’d like any additional context or specifics… just ask. Generally speaking, these results were all possible because my clients had proven offers, an established audience, and a powerful grasp on their voice, their values, their ideal client, and the problem they solve BEFORE we wrote a single word.













Done-For-You Socially Conscious Copywriting and nurture content

How it works if you need website copywriting, email copywriting, sales page copywriting, or social media content writing from scratch.


Leading an impact-driven, socially conscious business is everything to me. To make sure we’re a soulful match made in heaven and aligned to do incredible work, please apply to work with me at the button below.

I will be in touch within 48 hours to either schedule a call to chat about your project or refer you to another copywriter for coaches and consultants better suited to your needs.

Let’s do this!!


If we’re on the same heartcentered wavelength, we’ll book a call to chat about your project.

No high pressure sales tactics here. Just two wicked awesome people, talking business, and figuring out our plans to change the world AND take your inspiration, income, and impact to the next level.


We agree on the specifics and investment and you e-sign a service contract.

Website copywriting, sales page copywriting, or email sequence copywriting from scratch generally start at $3,297 per project.

Recurring search-optimized blog writing, social media content writing, and email newsletter writing generally range from $1,497 – $1,997 per month.

Flexible payment options available.


You complete a questionnaire about your voice, your brand, your values, your dream clients, and the results you provide to them.

The key to inspiring, impactful, income-generating, and inclusive messaging and sales copywriting starts here… so if you’re struggling at this step… we’ll want to regroup before moving forward.


We schedule your onboarding and kickoff calls.

Usually, this includes a 60-minute call for me to learn all about YOU, your values, your voice, your business. And then a 90-minute call to map out the content strategy for the particular offer / project we’re focused on. This may vary based on project scope.


After our call, I write the copy and provide the work to you based on the timelines agreed upon, usually 2-4 weeks later.

You provide me with unlimited feedback and revision requests in your Google Doc. I fundamentally do not believe in limiting our creative process by capping revisions.

You will walk away with work that you love. Period.

Socially Conscious Copywriting Coaching & Consulting

These value-packed DIY and done-with-you creative consulting options are for socially conscious coaches who struggle to write in a way that gets people to take action but don’t want a done-for-you solution:

Copywriting Coaching

Maybe you don’t need anyone to write your sales copywriting and nurture content for you… either because you love writing all the things yourself or you just aren’t ready yet.

Or maybe… you have a group coaching program full of awesome people who aren’t ready to hire a socially conscious copywriter themselves… but could really use some support with their sales copywriting. You would rather not be the one to provide this support.

If DIY sales copywriting is your thing, then Copywriting Coaching might be for you (or your people).

Working as a copyeditor and copywriting coach is one of my biggest passions, and I would love to help you learn how to be a better writer within your business.

If it’s for you, check out my Compelling Copy Clinic: Your Cure for Mediocre Messaging for both small group and 1:1 options.

If it’s for your group coaching program, please email me at

Brand  Storytelling + Messaging Creation

Forget about actually writing all the things… you’re still stuck trying to figure out the heart and soul of your brand storytelling and messaging.

You’re not 100% positive who you’re talking to anymore… much less how to write for your people in a way that compels inspired action.

You know you get results for clients and you have the history to prove it… but trying to come up with messaging that articulates the greatness of your offer… forget it. You’re totally stuck.

You need the equivalent of a vision board for your sales copy, nurture content, and brand storytelling… complete with sample talking points and a full debrief on how to consistently convey your brand values and your offers in a compelling way.

Investment for a Brand Messaging Storyboard is $2,897. Apply here and let’s figure out if this is a good fit for you.

Ready to change the world with  compelling AND conscious copywriting that creates more inspiration, income, and impact?!

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